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Buy our comfort system and we will install this system with a 10 year labor warranty

Lennox Combo Replacements Starting at $9299




Sensing and communicating, and cleans the air in your home better than any other single system you can buy

$1899 Complete Installation

5 Year Part & Labor


Get Your New Lennox Replacement Heating & Air Conditioning System Today!

Merit Series

ML180 Gas Furnace

Economical, standard-efficiency gas heating system


Furnace Installation $2999

*Depending on unit size.


*Lennox Furnace 80%
 *New Thermostat
 *5 Years Parts
 *20 Years Heat Exchanger
 *5 Year Labor                                                                                            *Complete Replacement                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Merit Series
Variable Speed Gas Furnace Installation 
 *Starting at $4299 depending on unit size.
 *Lennox Merit Furnace ML96V070 
 *New Thermostat
 *5 Years Parts
 *20 Year Limited Heat Exchanger
 *5 Year Labor
Variable-speed gas furnace that heats the home evenly and efficiently

Elite Series

EL195E Gas Furnace

Single-stage 95% gas furnace with Power Saver technology

The EL195E's Power Saver Constant Torque motor is up to 33% more efficient than standard single-stage motors and up to 200% more efficient in constant fan mode.

Furnace Installation 

 Starting at $4399 depending on unit size.

 *Lennox Elite Furnace EL95%

*New Thermostat 

*5 Years Part

*20 Years Heat Exchanger

*5 Year Labor



Dave Lennox Signature Collection

SLP98V Variable-Capacity 98% Gas Furnace

The most efficient and quietest furnace you can buy!

Imagine a furnace that not only makes you feel perfectly comfortable, but will make you feel even better about your decision month after month. That’s the power of the SLP98V, which uses exclusive Precise Comfort™ technology to significantly reduce your heating costs.

Dave Lennox Furnace Installation 

 *Starting at $5299 depending on unit size.
Lennox Signature Furnace SLP98%
 *WiFi Thermostat May Be Included
 *10 Years Parts
20 Year Limited Heat Exchanger
 *10 Year Labor


Dave Lennox Signature Collection

SL280V Variable Speed 80% Gas Furnace

The quietest furnace in its class

The SL280V is designed to deliver warmth and reliable comfort, while keeping the sounds of the unit at a minimum. It's also engineered to perform at peak efficiency, so you can enjoy substantial energy savings compared to an older system.

Dave Lennox Furnace Installation 

 *Starting at $5199 depending on unit size.
 *Lennox Signature Furnace SL80%
 *Programmable Thermostat
 *10 Years Parts
 * 20 Year Limited Heat Exchanger
 *10 Year Labor

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